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Travel in style


Since many important airports have recently become unofficial fashion runways, we suggest some tips to travel in style.

The holiday travel season is still open, so we have decided to scour through some of the best airport looks  to give you the right inspiration on what to wear to the airport.

Here are some precious tips on how to travel stylishly — but more importantly — comfortably.

First of all to became a perfect stylish traveler it’s important to choose simple clothes that are elegant and at the same time comfortable, then try to keep your Makeup simple so to cross every style you decide to wear, also consider a glamour flat shoes (especially if you don’t have nobody who bring your baggage for you!).

Remember to bring along your favorite jacket, since wherever you are going to probably you will find different temperature and a must have is for sure a glamourous hat.

What you are looking for is something along the lines of business casual or some simple clothes.

You’ll be able to travel more comfortably if you trolley would be light and get some cool new accessories at local stores.

Don’t forget your mobile and other technological devices to spend your free time and your glamour sunglasses (probably the travel will get you more tired than you imagine and your eyes don’t lie)!!